Fagot Cougar was one of the short-lived "New Revengerists" to join the Revengerists team squad after the Post-Exigency Crisis. A distant relative of the Gay Cheetah, many of the new characters were found in a cosmic egg (of lazy writing) by hero Odd Jog while he was out searching for the secret of the Isle of Monkeys. Instead, he oped the cosmic egg and many new and annoying Awesomes sprang forth, but that was not all, for he had to train them lest they be seduced by the dark side of evil.

Fagot Cougar (and many other characters both Pre-and-Post-Exigency) were cut from the roster when minority groups complained, such as the 'Furries for Open Cougar Loving.' Due to such complaints, the unpopular and controversial characters were humanely hurled into the sun by Nova Dude, in Revengerists #89,001 "The Glorious Death of Some Dudes". This did not exactly sit well with those concerned.

His powers included the icy stare of predator cat death, berserker claw rage, getting up on top of high things, sassy cattiness and/or catty sassiness, special agility prowess martial arts moves, and sleeping with your boyfriend.

His character was a shameless and obvious attempt to appeal to various levels of fetish at the same time; the gay community, the furry community, animorphs, and the fetish for older ladies (see below). The results, however, were one-dimensional, squicky, and/or offensive, depending on who you ask. The Editors were asked to apologize, if even one of those lame "I'm sorry you got offended" apologies, but when pressed, instead fled to the jungles of Nicaruaga with a medicine bag full of speed and unregistered firearms.

It was revealed in "Revengerists Special Origings: Justice Man #9" that Fagot Cougar was actually Righteous Oxide in disguise the whole time, even though this retcon contradicted a number of pre-exigency plot points and the two had, in fact, been not only seen together recently in the same place and time, but had been an item for several months after the character's introduction with more than few explicit sex scenes depicted between the two (with witnesses!) This was retconned back in a series of fin faction after yoai fangirls complained, but was retconned another time when the ACLU finally demanded a name-change to the character, and out of spite the writers wrote him out of the series forever by retconning his origin story into a dream sequence of Bob Newhart's the entire time. This didn't make much sense, as the writer's seemed to arbitrarily pick and choose which parts during that time had been only in Bob Newhart's dreams and which weren't. This was only referenced in passing.

It should be noted, however, that as much as the character was despised, it was not at all due to his homosexuality. In fact, in a September poll, Fagot Cougar was found to be the least hated of the New Revengerists introduced, though this still isn't saying much, as they all rated less popular than root canals, eyeball torture, or the U.S. Congress.


*Cougar is also a slang term referring to a woman who seeks sexual relations with considerably younger men. Typically, the term refers to women 40-50 years old who pursue sexual relations with people more than eight years younger. The origin of the word is debated, but it is thought to have originated in Western Canada and first appeared in print on the Canadian dating website, and has been used in TV series, advertising and film. The 2007 film Cougar Club was dedicated to the subject, and in spring 2009 TV Land aired a reality show called The Cougar. The sitcom Cougar Town originally explored the difficulty and stigma of many so-called "cougars".

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