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Farter, as shown in the Sackipedia

Farter is a gas-type Sackimal found in the Bean Flat Hills , it produces toxic gases in order to ward off predators.

Sackimal tamer s are warned to use caution when attempting to capture a Farter, as they can be harmed by the gust attacks the beast performs. 

Taming Strategies and General Attack-Methods[]

- Using a Mr. Gey and having it subdue the Farter

- Sealing off the Farter's gas-tubes with a tackle from a Butterape

- Haunteotto 's psy-blast-cannon attack is fairly effective 

Problem Sackimals[]

- Squirtqueen is ineffective at battling Farter as Farter can't enter water where Squirtqueen needs to be

- Attempting to use Farter against Mantortle is unwise as Mantortle is immune to gas type attacks


Gas - Farter produces a mildly toxic gas to suffocate its foes to make them easy prey

Peck - Every farter has a powerful beak which allows it to strike foes more fiercely than with its hands

Gust - Pinching off its gas tubes and building up air pressure allows the Farter to procude a powerful wind attack

Blast - An evolution of the Gust attack, this time though Farter builds up gas in its stomach and bleches it toward the enemy

Launch - Using a form of Gust, Farter can launch itself high in the air 

Toxic - If a tamer can get Farter to concentrate its gasses over the day, the Farter can blow out a potent toxic gas that is even more powerful than usual.

Farter has a variety of toxic and air maneuvers it can perform. All wild Farters inately know the Gas attack, which causes a tuft of wind from its gas-tubes, it is more of a toxic blow than anything else, potentially becoming a moderately powerful air assault once it learns how to combine it with Gust.

Tamers intimately familiar with their Farters know its biology and are aware that it can produce a potent toxic gas if they let it concentrate it over time. This is potentially dangerous to the Farter as it requires serious training in order to do such a thing, but if it masters the Toxic attack it can be used in conjunction with its other abilities to utterly destroy opponents. Bring a gas mask.


Gasey is a close cousin to Farter, although it has more powerful toxic gas than Farter and Farter has more powerful air attacks. It is rumoured The Great Sackimal Tamer Cash Mustard used a Gasey to battle a Farter and as a result the surrounding wildlife in a 3 miles radius was annihilated.