fin faction is both the affectionate title given by fans of the Revengerist Omniverse to the subsequent stories written by fans to supplement the incomplete or lost stories of Revengerist adventures, and the extremely derogatory term used by Trueists and Realists to criticize the subsequent stories written by fans to supplement the incomplete or lost stories of Revengerist adventures.

People who write fin faction are also referred to as members of fin factions, with each faction further broken down into more-specific fin fractions, each of which may be dedicated to a particular form of perversion, such as slashfic, smutfic, furryfic, scalyfic, yifffic, wufffic, ecchific, yecchific, tentaclefic, cakefartfic, chibific, chanfic, horrific, FullHousefic and more.

one can immediately tell fin faction from authentic Revengerist canon by its terribleness.

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From 'THE RACY RACE OF FOXY FOXES' by OddJogLuvr98: "...and then OddJog became like some pink fox thing and then Oddjog put on a tiny bikini and then OddJog grew his hair long and then OddJog put his hair in to a pink ponytail and then OddJog turned into a hot furry chick with big boobs and big Anime eyes and then OddJog (as a chick) grew a penis as big as a horse penis and then OddJog found a horse and then OddJog..." and it only get worse from there

Fin faction is the worst thing to happen to the world. Nothing is safe, as real celebrities as well as fictional characters are reimagined by perverts to be whatever fucked up bullshit rolls around in their otherwise empty heads. The internet has created monsters, as the constant torrents of every fetish mix and mingle into abominations of metahuman sexuality, and new generations are introduced to, nay, brought up on the absolute sleaziest common denominators the dark recesses of millions of twisted and desperate minds generate on a daily basis. These once isolated subgroups are now able to find each other and form cohesive social units on the web, and reinforce the smut-addled mania as something normal, when in fact they are disgusting, maladjusted wankers. Their filthy online personas and catologue of nightmarish literature offends every sensibility (aesthetics, imagination, human decency) and you are right to judge them.


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