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Friendship is the most powerful power in the entire Omniverse; it can overcome any obstacle, power, or opponent, no matter the difficulty. Only people with true friends can wield the power of friendship!

This is not to be confused with the power of frands


The power of friendship was discovered in the 20th century by many warriors, many of whom are animated. It is not known how far back this power originates, but most powerologists believe it has existed from the beginning of time.


The power of friendship is used to solve any type of problem; much like Omnipower, but much more direct. All one has to do is believe in one's friends and the power is theirs. In order to wield friendship, one must have friends (a difficult feat for some.) This is why friendship is mostly a power used by Good Guys and not Villains (because bad guays dont hav any freinds)

Nobody knows exactly what this power is, it is mysterious and any attempt to unlock its secrets will result in the person foolish enough to do so to fall into the Mystery Dimension.

The Power of Friendship[]

Most notable users of friendship come from the enlightened land of Japan and live in video games. Sora used the power of friendship to get his keyblade back and defeat his best friend turned evil Riku with the help of Donald Duck and Goofy.

Friendship is more powerful than belief or willpower. Combining these can result in some amazing things, notably when Cloud Strife defeated Sephiroth. Day Man is a master of friendship for everyone and defeated Night Man. Terry Bogard defeated Mars by allowing his friends to support him.

Max Stankatowski saves people he befriends. Every President wins their elections with the approval of their friends.