Gastro Gnome is a morbidly obese gnome with the power to consume almost anything. His stomach powers are so great, that he has helped the Revengerists on numberous mocassions to stop the bad evil. He is of the Battle Gnome class of a rare breed of Warrior gnomes, unlike the majority who are tree-hugging pacifists. He had to be turned away from a life of dubious intents himself as a young gnome of only 98, when Commodore Bob showed to him that one can derive a lot more pleasure from life when consuming matter for good and not evil. This is a good story in of itselves but there is not enough space on the internet here to tell it all so you should go on back to Revengerists: Retcon Wars #6 to read it which you can probably find in your local libary.

Whenever he consumes his opponents he makes a disgusting battle cry; "NOM NOM NOM" which has noting to do with him being a gNOMe at all, but a glutton.

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