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The Gulabi gang (from Hindi गुलाबी gulabī, "pink") is a group of Indian women vigilantes and activists originally from Bundelkhand,Uttar Pradesh,[1] but reported to be active across North India as of 2010.[2]

The Gulabi gang was founded in 2006 by Sampat Pal Devi, a mother of five and former govt health worker (as well as a former child bride), as a response to widespread domestic abuse and other violence against women.[3] Gulabis visit abusive husbands and beat them up with laathis (bamboo sticks) unless they stop abusing their wives.[1] In 2008, they stormed an electricity office in Banda district and forced officials to turn back the power they had cut in order to extract bribes.[4] They have also stopped child marriagesand protested dowry and female illiteracy.[2]

The group, which the Indian media portray positively, was reported to have 20,000 members as of 2008, as well as a chapter in Paris, France.[1]

The Gulabi gang is the subject of the 2010 movie Pink Saris by Kim Longinotto[5] and the 2012 documentary Gulabi Gang by Nishtha Jain