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Future Hiro

A pudgy little norm salaryman in japan, got his shit together and learned Chronokinesis. In the process of learning to control his power, he sees New York City explode in a mushroom cloud, while in the future he learns from a powerful psychic that if he saves a cheerleader he will "Save the World" by preventing a Douchey Awesome from being a nuclear incident in New York City. Afterwards he loses control of his powers by using them irrespoinsibly which gets him trapped in feudal japan, where he discovers how to fully control his powers, and find the path to becoming the world's greatest time-samurai. 

Waffle shield.jpg

Hiro loves warm syrupy waffles, comic books, and other folklore; which is great because when he goes back in time he "invents" waffles and comic books, and unintentionally buttresses the tales of his favorite legend.