Hotknife is a tall, sassy, powerful black man who looks sorta vaguley like Eddie Murphie. He did join the Revengerists onec when a long while back he was bullied by a racist fat kid at school. The kid would eat a lot of buttered bisucits and so Hotknife wopuld say, he said: "Known thin enemy" which means be aware of yourself. He would eat biscuits to absurb the power of his bully and overcome him, and he picked up the name Hotknife from rom it and did begin to call himself Hotknife, He is the most powerful character in the Revengerists Universe.


Running - Hotknife can running so fast he collide into the enemy and they fall down really hard, sometimes emergency hard.

Speed - Hotknife uses the tomes of speed boosts to enquicken his pace

Swiftly - With Switfyly he can break the sound barrier and chase fighter planes on foot, but not fly... not far at least. He can sort of fly if he jumps off a cliff while running this way.

Fast - Kenyaforce - I don't thinkl Hotknife is kenyan but he can summon the power of kenya and use this power to run fast

Nikes - Hotknife puts on his nikes and runs faster than ever until he runs so fast he is running too fast to see how fast he is moving quickly.

More InformationEdit

Fact: When Hotknife would defeat a foe by running into them so hard they completely vaporize , usually a friend/ally Revnegerist would say "like a Hotknife through butter" and weveryione would laugh, then Hotknife will always say "Maaaan why do you guys always call me Hotknife."

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