Instant Sexual Arousal is the power to arouse others into a sexual frenzy via skin-to-skin contact. It leaves the target/victim completly consumed in a sexual frenzy until skin contact is broken or climax is acheived. After this the victim of the power is left without a memory of the event and confused into what came over them, the victim however does know that they had sex or kissed someone.



Alisha discovers her power accidentally when she touches Simonand sends him into a sexual frenzy. She uses it accidentaly several times after and once purpousely on Curtis, who later insisted that they just stare at each other and 'wank themselves off'.Alisha sold it in christmas special

When Elliot bought the power off Seth in the Christmas Special, he used it on several girls including Alisha. Elliot dies later in the episode and the power dies with him.

The original user of this ability (Alisha) got her own power against her.

Insant Sexuala Arousal was used extensively during the notorious Sexual Wars.