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Only the Best Baileys

Irish Cream hailed from Oireland and was a valued member of the The Revengerists. He was valued even more because of his ability to make the Best Homemade Baileys . Potentially this made him the most powerful Revengerist.

He died during the O'Dangerous Time, which was named retroactively by The Revnegerits. It was called this so because of in honor of the fallen Revengerist known as Irish Cream, an Revengerist who was killed by the forces of Crabopolis. It was nammed to remember him and his sacrifice to the team, especially also his skillful making of homemade Baileys which was sorely missed. He wopuld buy the best Baileys and pour it into a glass and eveyone loved it. Crabopolis and its minionions were the subject of many brutal onsloughts by the Revengererits to seek Revenge for killing of Irish Cream.

Best Baileys . . .[]

Irish Cream was capable of making incredibly good Homemade Baileys, quite possibly the best and most powerful Baileys in the Universe.


- Go to Baileys store

- Purchase the Best Baileys they have

- Go home to The Revengerist Compound

- Get glasses for everyone

- Open Baileys

- Pour it into the glasses

- Everyone will love it

Everyone loved it. Such heroes as Scottish Beef and Odd Jog particularly liked Irish Cream's Homemade Baileys. Every tmie the The Revengerists defeat a foe or win a victory they would celebrate and Irish Cream would make the best homemade Baileys.

Best irosh Coffeee[]

In addition to his skill in making the best Baileys' Irish Cream also can make excellent Irish coffee, mayhap the best Irish Coffee.


- Go to Storye

- Purchase Best Coffee

- Pruchcase best Baileys

- Purchase best Irish Whiskey

- Go home to the revengerists compound

- Sleep

- Wake up for work

- Brew Coffee using a coffee machine

- Get a mug

- Pour Coffee into the mug

- Pour Baileys and Whiskey into the mug

- Everyone will love it

- Serve Irish Coffee

Even Bester Irsih Coffee[]


- Get to a liquer shoppe

- Purhcase best Baileys

- Purchest Kahlua

- Go home to the revengerists compound

- Pour Kahlua & Baileys into a mig

- Serve best Oirsih coffee