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Hey yew guiszhe, look, theresz a guy... hisz namme ish TONY, OKAY? He'z coll igues but and OH ALSO rlly stinkin' RICH. Like... SO much munny. An.. an.. an he like went up on a mounntin to meet a old guy-- no. He had a coszmic ray.. um... gamma... he build a shoot. *ulp*

Aschtooally, he mak--made a buncha shoots. Mark1 shoot, Mark2 shoot. Mark. HE MADE A BUNCHA SHOOTS! Hish boots. HEY, HIS BOOTS? THU"RE JETSH! OK? AHN HIS like.. unno.. gloves? boothand GAUNTLITSH! have um.. RIPULZUR RAYSH.


Thenn he wuz on Avengerz, an' had sweet fightmooves pyew POW! *hic* But FOR REAL ewe guize, he saved the WRRLD. A LOT.


And... ssshhhinee.

an' dis here... thish my bro in a ice cube, man. I luv yew mayn. ole...winghed...mane. 'Murka. Fuckem. Heh. *hup*  

It wz then that they promoted him to head a SHELD, and he fought a alien, and other doodz, and flew aroun', kep gettin' laid UVCOURSHE!!, amd got a virus (umm), hadda go on th' RUN, and um... dun r'mumber.... *urp*

'mma brekka sheel man. haHa.


I think fire-melty-hand guysh? DID THAT GUY SHPIT FIRE FROM HIZ MOUF?? WHOA SHIT!

I ken-- I meen HE can... um........ *hic* make uh.... has... tech... talka robotszh... in meh....... hed... shirkutt...

ZZZZZZZZZZZ... Pipper... hrrRmmMrMrrmZZZZZ

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