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Jill Trent, Science-Sleuth
Jill Trent.jpg

Real Name

Jill Trent

First Appearance

Fighting Yank #6 (1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Camy

Golden Age Origin[]

Jill Trent, the Science Sleuth, was a female adventurer from an unknown American city. She solved crimes through combination of her detective skills and scientific ingenuity. Jill was assisted by her best friend, Daisy Smythe. Both Jill and Daisy were quite capable of handling themselves in the fight, demonstrating proficiency with guns and some basic, but effective, fighting skills.

Jill and Daisy shared a quarter interest in a uraninite mine from Jill's Uncle Ned.[1]


Jill and Daisy reason with some ruffians - Science Sleuth Style!!

Jill invented many technological wonders, including:

  • Infra-Red lamp and lenses (glasses) which could see through objects [2]
  • Infra-radiant magnifying specs - one has to stare intently to enlarge what they see, they can also see right thorough objects.
  • Electro-Repellant, containing a series of supercharged electromagnets, lined up so all the negative poles are set against one another, the positive against the positive - creating electro-repulsion which forces metal objects away.
  • Indestructible cloth - Trent makes it radioactive and indestructible as a result, although it must be treated with a graphite diffuser ray to curtail its radioactivity, otherwise it destroys metal over time.[3]

It's no different than Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson sharing a bed.


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