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using his mutant powers

Though it is unknown if Jim Bonaminio is good or evil, he is certainly a significant agent of chaos in the battle for the fate of the Omniverse. He runs the dimensional portal depot Jungle Jim's International Market.


After a long and scientifically rewarding archæology career, during which a young adventuring Jim learned many a dark secret of the cosmos from dark mythic passages, young Jim decided to take things serious and open an amusement themed megagrocer. With many mythical, robotic, animal familiar, and cartoon deities at his beck and call, he rules over this secret nexus between the physical and empyreal planes, and quick wormholes across the planet and galaxy, and a magical night yacht to realms of imagination!

It has long been rumoured that drugs pass through these hallowed stargates, but these have as yet been unsubstantiated by Revengerist investicators.

FACT: Is hard core.


the compound