Congratulations to Jim Vivas, Viking God on his marriage to his lovely Valkyrie bride Karen! Consider this fine page a tribute to your many future battles and conquests together! Additionally, the Revengerists shall each drink the Roordahuizum drinking horn full of thick Mead in your honour! 

Is jim vivas being followed

"am I being followed through these Woods of Following?"

Jim Vivas, Viking God of teh Roxors was said to have been born long ago under a double-helix black moon on the mythical Long Island (a U.S. Protectorate) village of Ronkonkoma, located somewhere in an antedeluvian sea, one thousand miles beneath the surface of the earth. Not so much "born" as "erupted" fully formed and armed, from the bowels of the mighty volcano "Panterror," Jim Vivas emitted a mighty roar upon his creation, but some say his roar was more like a yawn… a yawn of ULTRADOOM. The natives on the island, known as "Ronkonkadanites," were terrified of this yawn and immeadietly bowed to Jim Vivas as their god, a lone heavy metal demi-god in the mostly indiepunkemoska natural habitat of Ronkonkadamadong. The Ronchonchadadomites tried to win the cruel god's favor by delivering to him gifts of chicken wings, deli-style sandwiches, goats, iced tea mixed with lemonade, virgins, beer, the vanilla-chocolate swirl puddin' pops, human sacrifice, rice krispee treats, and unopened Megadeth compact discs as tribute. Alas Jim Vivas was an eternally savage angry-type god who would yell at you for putting your drink on the table without a coaster, and as such he smote'd the Ronkonkadantialites. He roasted the natives alive who used to worship him in the Ronkonakonakomakoma volcano,a ritual human sacrifice that those Norse Gods love. Thus he went to Asgard to seek entry.. but was chinned by Heimdall.

To prove his worthy, he tames and rides Fenris (beating him with his own doomsday-ribbon) 

"Dude. Your cat is pissing me off."

through the many levels of Hel, where he must pitch battle against the black God Chernobog (whyz it gotz to be black God Chernobog alla sudden?). Jim Vivas arrived in Chrenobog's presence riding in a golden sleigh driven by eight tiny unicorn-bears that had lava for blood. Chernobog's reaction was too slow for the mighty Jim Vivas, and Chrenobog was vanquished instantly by Jim Vivas's flaming X-box 360 controllers of madness. Before the death of Chernobog's disembodied head, Chrenobog cursed Jim Vivas to become mortal every thousand years. Jim Vivas of course scoffed at this curse and cleaved Chernobog's head into bite-sized nuggets with a reciprocating saw forged out of wolves' teeth, a design so terrifying, you would shit yer knickers just seeing a pictures of it. He then fired a cauldron and filed it with blood of fourty baby seal virgins, did some incantation and a lil jig, and took Chernoborg's bones and knitted them in

to a basket with sinew, and then breaded and deep-fried the nuggets of Chernobog's head and ate them upon their cooling on a nearby paper towel. He used KC Masterpiece barbeque sauce (it was on sale… buy 1 get 1 free!) with a hint of Frank's Redhot for the dippin'

He loves his kitties.

Jim Vivas vs 3 arm megababy

Jim Vivas (emanating offensive wolf shield attack) fighting the 3-armed megalazerbaby


summons wolves (his mainstay), and also grizzly bears, giant wolves, fox friends, badger armies, bald eagles and hawks, Nessies (when in water), bats, Unicorn that have rainbow lava blood, gryffons if in olden times and dragons (which he always kills when summon is rolled).

is immune to werewolve.

'effin metal

uses swords, guns, lightning, blacksmithing tools, airsoft guns and headlocks.

he fights many adventurbattles and even killed the Gnome King *harder than it sounds.

he has a pretty baddass toilet seat.

He never loses in the end and this is why he is the most powerful character in the Revengerist Omniverse. Jim Vivas' family line is described in detail in the Prose Edda. In the unlikely event of his death, he will become Jim Mortas. It would not just be a death... but a Megadeth.

Jim Vivas goes pegasus huntin

Jim Vivas, Viking God of teh Roxors hunting Pegasases atop his trusty grizzlybear steed


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Only can be done with the AYBBAXupup combo.


Jim Vivas, a Guardian of T'eh Rox'ors, has many evil superentitities vying for power. A family C'thulhu, D'øn and Chu'uck VonderHa'ar, (CPA) attempt to don the purple in the 900th Century, but he turns them into conch fritters with a spicy remoulade. gladly sacrificing their poison seed into the fleshy god, power enough to house the growing brood that shall burst forth into a doomed world. The fellow bringers of total evil shall prevail.

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