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For anyone who misses John Geary's crazy late nite antics

John Geary was a crazy old man that lived in Pittsburgh, PA and had seen too much shit in 'Nam and done too many drugs with too many rock stars.


Seriously he would just do lines on his dash in front of the cops and laugh while he cut big slabs of meat in the back. Bust open the security door and shoot the cash register, fry up some chicken but pass out next to the fryer for a little bit I'm coming down. SWEET LEAF! YOU NEVER HEAR 'EM PLAY SWEET LEAF ON THE RADIO!! I couldn't go to that bar any more so I picked up my stool and threw it! Young ladies shouldn't talk about such things, a man comin' up and kickin' another man in the face from behind him, heh heh HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH. I need a smoke.

This is why he was the most powerful character in the Revengerists universe.