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Jugglor is one of the many Revengesrists characters that have been cut, maimed, or possibly forgotten entirely from the main continuity canon.


The Jugglor was one of the minor characters in the Revengerists universe, mostly appearing next to Harbjar, Musty Taint, and Odd Jog when the times got rough.

No one really liked him and for good reason, he was a fucking psychotic clown hell bent on the murder of every slightly evil teenage boy in the world.

Characteristics and CapabilitiesEdit

The Jugglor dressed up in baggy clothes and wore clown makeup. He had a set of kitchenware knives that he bought off of an infomercial one time on a belt around his waste. He uses these knives to carve the hearts out of those who he deems evil.

The Jugglor excelled at stabbing, being really bad at rap, and having excellently horrible taste in everything. He lacked tact and what he lacked in tact he made up in facts, Jack. Everytime he wanted a snack he'd have to go to Mac and that guy turned his back so he set up a pact favoring forty five blacks on a hip-hop rack, severing 500 dollars from his bank account in still in tact. You gotta defend from the hack trying to recommend you a quack whose april fools jokes be whack like retards tryin to get off with a vac, but it's all just an act, you see Gackt I just don't agree with your exact j-pop bullshit I think you gonna crack.

Jugglor was released from Revengerists continuity for having several of the worst rap-offs in history.

also: his only super power was running around with a hatchet and compared to incredibly omnipotent Revengerists like Dr. Tasty or Nova Dude, this was pretty lame and that is why he is the most powerful character in the Revengerist Universe.

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