One man thought there was not enough justice to be served in the world. He knew he must create more justice and be the waiter that serves it fresh and steaming hot to the ones who deserve it.

Unfortunately he was never taught restraint and became the ultimate Awesome, the most powerful Revengerist in the entire Omniverse: JUSTICE MAN.

Powers of JusticeEdit

Justice man is obsessed with justice, so he has developed many powers dealing with justice and punishment. Most of his crime fighting revolves around pounding the ever-living shit out of criminals or anyone he deems "justice-worthy." As a result people who have crimes done against them often receive the wrong end of the Justice Stick, this is due to his philosophy of literally taking the bull by the horns and goring the bad guys with them.

He spent a lot of time training under various heroes or villains pretending to be someone else to gain his powers including Odd Jog, Hotknife, Bricksplosive, Mr. Clobb, Righteous Oxide (masked as Fagot Cougar), and even Dr Tasty for a brief stint (even though this was mostly because Dr Tasty was amused by his lack of foresight and overuse of overkill).

He utilizes special hand-to-hand combat inspired by Captain America in Marvel VS Capcom. To this extent he often preforms various punches, knees, shield bashes, all proceeded by him shouting something about JUSTICE. He has a litany of special moves for occasions that he uses a lot:

Fist of Justice - A powerful smashing attack he does with his fist

Judicial Ground Pound - When he has an opponent beaten to the ground or they are sleeping he smashes both fists into the person's head, often crushing the head like a watermelon at a Galager show.

Anal Justice Buttfucker - Taking the Justice Stick he rams it into his opponent's rectum, creating a quite uncomfortable end to the encounter (or a sensual sexual encounter if the opponent is gay and the act is given consent by the opponent, but that's a different story)

Shield Bash - He takes a shield and hits his opponent in the teeth

Final Justice - This is one of Captain America's special moves in MvsC

Justice Man also has varying special justice powers he got when Harbjar infused him with holy power using his alien technology stone he was bestowed by The Space Guardians. The holy power grants him super strength, an overpowering sense of justice, the ability to go to church on sundays, sometimes the ability to fly, super speed, dexterity (the gameboy game), justice vision, and a heroic voice.

Taking the Bull by the HornsEdit

Ironically, he is repeatedly blown down by his actions to go against Law of Allignment, which is a law in the sense that you have to follow it, but isn't a law in the sense that you get fined 100 dollars for violating it. Because you can't

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