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"when worlds collide..."

When Revengerist known as Master Key stumbled upon a extra-dimensionary entity known as a Soulvoid, he discovered that there was some sort of plot underway where the Soulvoids would steal people's souls and some other kind of nonsense would happen. These Soulvoids were encourching upon many dimensionary planets and worlds,

With the help of 2 famous cartoon characters that happened to exist in another dimension, Master Key liberated the places from the Soulvoids and saved many lives. He also uncovered a mysterious plot that would span several story arcs and extremely convoluted comic series.

Kingdom Soulhearts: Regin of the ScaryEdit

Master Key was taking a vacation on an island where they make ice cream and found out that some things were stealing souls and making things bad, so he took up his key and looked for other soulvoids. He soon realized he could travel to different dimensions and learned there were soulvoids everywhere. He met 2 cartoon beings: Sad Robot and Stupid Dog who were looking for their President. They decided to form an RPG party and searched various dimensions, assisting extra-dimensional heroes take out bosses and whores of soulvoids.

They soon discovered that the soulvoids were being controlled by the mysterious Beck Damage, a shirtless, trenchcoat wearing lunatic who wanted was searching for a way to access the doorway to the Domocracy of the Souls. He had several virgins locked up in cages and were using the power they had inside of them (because dicks hadn't penetrated the power bubbles located in their vaginas) to do some really weird shit.

Master Key traveld to the secret base of Beck Damage and challenged him to a fight, but Beck Damage was controlling his best frined and they had to fight, but Master Key won and de-controlled his best freind who he fought a minute ago. He then freed the virgins and has sex with them, then he fought Beck Damage and beat him up. Beck Damage turned into a big monster and Master Key had to fight him again, but he won again and found the door to the Democracy of Souls

Master Key was closing the door when his best friend and Moochy Rat were inside the door holding the Soulvoids back, he closed the door and his friends were gone.


The other dimensions stopped going away and Master Key was trapped in a world that wasn't his along with the 2 other friends that were with him but that world was theirs. His other good friend was nowhere to be found.

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