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The Krampus (plural Krampoose, Krampi, Krampupusas) is a mythical being related to the dark and seedy underbelly of Xmastime.

As a demonic counterpart/compatriot of Santa Claus (or Sinterklaas), Krampus and his legion of fellow kramps kidnap, beat, berate, torture and imprison little children instead of giving them lovely toy gifts or at worst admonishing them with coal.

Originally, the Krampus, an escaped hellion demon beast, allied with Saintly old Elf Santa before his transition from Norse godhead to Catholic humanoid. This singular Krampus would follow the jolly old Saint on the same night and see to the dirty deeds that Santa could not be associated with, in accordance with their secret, sacred, sacreligious pact. Since then, so many centuries ago, the operations of both Santa and the dreaded Krampus have grown beyond mortal comprehension, employing millions of "helpers" across the globe to perform their annual duties. And while the kindly and generous Santa has predictably grown in public favor and celebrete, the naughty Krampus and his ilk operate from the shadows, less-acclaimed and only then mightily-feared.

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Still, his powers are dreadful indeed, and his legion of red-eyed, cloven-hooved warriors can often be heard whispering under your bed in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, just moments before you let your guard down and drift off into holiday slumber. They are superhumanly fast, Awesomely strong, superbly-developed glossal skills, and decidedly evil. They would like it to be known that they do not sanction or endorse the truly vile acts of child abuse like those done by Jerry Sandusky, Paula
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Poundstone, Catholic priests, or the Principal from Ferris Bueller. They only support and/or take part in constructive or "positive" child abuse, for the personal growth of the children and the long-term betterment of society. This is limited to: carrying the tykes around in a sack or basket, torturing their ears with clanging, binding with chains and beating with reeds and other stinging underbrush. They are pro-spanking, and anti-coddling. On the rare occasions that they arrive at the same houses as Santa before his visit, they spit in his milk and cookies. They are excellent expectorators.
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Though most in the Kramposse are mindless creatures of suffering, there have been many humans recruited to don Krampus apparel and scare the populace with their fearsome grimace. Though these "helpers" often succumb to the same problems as human Santa helpers; most notably alcoholism, hooliganism, and sexual deviance with attractive young ladies.

The Revengerists have had some problems with the Krampus (or some Krampus) in the past, investing the Compound and especially vexing South Side Santa in his role as an Enforcer for the REAL Santa Claus.


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