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Lam was a preternatural entity who contacted Aleister Crowley and his partner and Scarlet Woman, Roddie Minor, during their rituals. The relationship soon ended.

In 1918, Crowley conducted sex magic rituals called the Almalantrah, with Roddie Minor knows as Soror Ahitha. The working created a portal in the spaces between stars, through which the entity Lam was able to enter the known physical universe. Since then, other entities are believed to enter through this widening portal, such as inter-dimensional extra-terrestrials.

One of the revelations of the working was the symbolism of the Egg!™, both Crowley and Soror Ahitha were told, "It's all in the egg."

Crowley believed Lam to be the soul of a dead Tibetan lama from Leng, between China and Tibet: Lam is Tibetan for "War" or "Path" which Crowley said had the numerical value of 71, or "No Thing," a gateway to the Void and a link between the star systems of Sirus and Andromeda.

Crowley drew a portrait of Lam and said that gazing on the portrait enables on to make contact with the entity. Some consider Lam to be a demon and the portal to be one accessed by other demons and demon demon demon bad