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The League of Oppressive Fighting Awesome Hellions (or LOOFAH) was an organization of powerful villains who made many challenges to the Revengerists and caused much chaos throughout the world


Long ago, Master Chaos force-evolved herself to extreme heights of power and challenged the proto-awesome Crepeos. The battle was intense, but ultimately Crepeos won. Master Chaos would not give up and over the course of centuries she would continue to improve herself. Over time as she defeated numerous heroes she would meet other villains with the same ethics. 

At first these villains stuck to their own agendas, but eventually they would form loose alliances. In the modern era, Master Chaos organized a secret phone conference on Skype where they decided to create a group of only the strongest awesomes who understood the importance of power and evolution. 

Activities and Recruitment[]

After LOOFAH struck for the first time many other villains noticed the group. There was a large stream of applications and pleadings to join the group, but they would weed out the weaker ones. The organization recruited a few mainstream villains such as Dr EvilusA VampireMr. Bad Society Man, and others who understood why evolution was important to strength. 

There were a lot of other awesome villains they rejected, notably Solar Pecsis because he tried to fight Nitro Dog (you don't fuck with Nitro Dog, not even if you're evil.) 


The current roster of LOOFAH