The Revengerists' Consortium of Stuff legal department takes care of all the Revengerist's legal needs, including but not limited to

  • Buying and Selling politicians
  • Creating shadow corporations
  • Creating dummy corporations
  • Feigning corporate personhood
  • Feigning Human Rights abuses
  • Finding and maintaining off-shore tax havens
  • Finding and maintaining corporate tax loopholes
  • Filing fraudulent paperwork at opportune times
  • Protecting the Revengerists' "vast" "quantities" of "legal" tender.
  • Dismissing lawsuits, due to the techniques used to save the universe, repeatedly
  • Putting out important DISCLAIMERS that no one will ever read
  • RLSH Code-of-Conduct Compliance
  • 503, 501, and 508; -C, -B, -D, -A, and -R Compliance
  • "Handling" the "Authorities"

Our small army of Legal Interns ensures that each and every member of The Revengerists never see's their day in court, because they're probably off-planet fighting some giant moronic space deity in some 6-episode series of crap. They also ensure each and every legal threat is taken vury siriusly, because the last thing a dozen or so Awesomes need is some Jail-Break story to get themselves into; I doubt they could even make a prison to hold A Revengerists, let alone ALL of them, it would be the least interesting story on the planet "Then they just teleported out of jail, and the authorities never saw them again" YAWN Bo-oring.


Leaguel Counsil. Edit

Edward "Easy Eddie" O'Hare

The man who kept Al Capone out of the Slammer, until he turned him in for tax evasion. They named Chicago's airport after him, because he was that Awesome. Gunned down several years later for being a stool pigeon, he has been summoned by our top weegeeboard interns. And now advises us as he sees fit to move the mystic planchette.

Perry Mason

It's not IF he wins the case, it's HOW. This legal mastermind has a way with words that climbs through the cave of mystery and swirls a stick through the spiderweb of lies, and reveals the truth carved into a wall behind it. Some times there are many pitfalls and tribulations, but allways the truth comes out in the end. Because of this Perry Mason is the most powerful Ghoast in the universe.

Frank Reggiano Edit

Another upstanding gentleman, protecting family interests. Frank Reggiano was allegedly part of the alleged group allegedly hired by the CIA to plan the hit on John F Kennedy, Jimmy Hoffa, and Jack Ruby; all due to the fact that Kennedy was unsuccessful in starting a war with Cuba, and by extension Russia.

We work behind the scenes, so you don't have to.       

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