There are many things that Major Bludd is known for. He is known for his despicability and greed. It is said that he would willingly rent out his grandmother as a tackling dummy. He has worked as a terrorist, assassin and soldier-for-hire. His only loyalty is to money, and he has been known to turn on his employers if he finds a better opportunity. He has a reputation for holding poetry in high regard, if only his poems could also be held in the same standard.

Born to American parents in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, Daniel Bludd was trained by the US Navy Seals, served with that regiment in the Middle East, all before becoming a mercenary. He is proficient with explosives, long range sniper rifles and many forms of infantry rifles. He is wanted in three continents for numerous crimes, particularly in the countries of Rhodesia and Libya. He has engaged in assassinations, mercenary infantry and playing the part of advisor to military dictatorships. Bludd is easily identified by his eyepatch and Snidely Whiplash-style mustache.

Major Bludd is an international soldier of fortune, with a price on his head in three countries. He was involved with the Baroness in a plot to take over Cobra by getting rid of Cobra Commander, and even though the coup was a failure, his complicity went undetected. He even masqueraded as Destro for a while was found out and severely trounced by the real laird of Castle Destro. He is also believed to have been the principal shooter in an assassination attempt on Snake-Eyes.
His limericks miss the beat, his haikus have sixteen syllables, and his free-form couplets are about assault rifles and lugs. To quote a sample: "When you're feeling low and woozy / Slap a fresh clip in your uzi / Assume the proper firing stance / And make those suckers jump and dance." Another poem written by Bludd was published in the mimeographed quarterly Attica Gazette: "A mercenary's job is a heartless one / I'm a soldier for hire, like a pawn-shop gun / My ruthless tactics keep you on your toes / 'Cause I fight 'em all, whether friends or foes!"

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