the furry and sexy Mammoth Princess of space

During the events of the War of the Galacter, the Revengerists recieve a distress call from the Mammoth Princess of Space, looking hot and mammothy. They look at each other and drop their jaws (and even Odd Jog drops his burrito) and are like 'what the fuuuuck?'

For she is an Awesome too, of a faraway race that also has those and she is not only the Princess of a large pan-galactic empire, but both master of all alien-kung-fu styles and protector and guardian of her subjects.

After they fly through space and the whole of the Revengerists team meets up with Dr Tasty in Space in order to fight a major titano-space battle, save her and her people from giant invading alien empires and hungry living planets. Everyone is killed except, coincidentally, the main characters.

The Mammoth Princess of Space bestowed mammothy knighthood on all of them, and she herself fights so brilliantly and valiantly that she is made an honorary member of the Revengerist team, being the first female (but not the first alien or non-humanoid) member.

Thus, she opened the glass ceiling for many other future female Awesomes to join the team, such as Mistress Hammeats. It is well-established that she is the most powerful character in the Revengerists universe.

It was rumored that she was in an illicit affair with one of several of the main Revengerists, causing drama, but since this was before they utterly shirked the comics code and had every issue destroyed by the Great Comics Purge of 1980 , it is unverifiable. Interestingly, despite being a major space slut, she never encounters the Mammoth Mountain Fucker.

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