Like telepathy, MIND CONTROL is simply the douchey Awesome version of an already Awesome power. Depending on how you use it, you may in fact become evil, or simply an asshole. The urge to use Mind Control is so great, few use it for purely altruistic means, and they prefer to refer to themselves as telepaths anyway, like Charles Xavier.

Others, however, view having telepathic powers and not using them for self-serving mind control purposes (or "pushing" people into doing what you want), as a complete W.O.T. Nations can be toppled, wars fought, won, and ended, vast riches and glory yours with this power. For this reason, it is tempting for those with it to succumb to Power Madness. They may be defeated, as they are not totally invincible, and perhaps could miss a vital factor leading to their downfall, or fail by their own hubris, or even lose to another, more powerful telepath.

Here are some other things you could do with this power, feel free to add your own:

  • Make annoying customers jump up and down screaming until they are escorted from the premises
  • Force your boss to shout out racial epithets at the company picnic
  • Finally get politicians and the 1% to admit to all their corruption and fraud
  • Win every argument
  • Get the mean girls from your school days to release sex tapes... or worse.
  • Get the bullies from your school days to threaten the president's life
  • Command the bus driver to ignore all stops but yours
  • Never pay for anything
  • Really mess with the paranoid schizophrenics in your town, or turn average citizens into them
  • Find a line of riot police facing a protest demonstration, and make them Riverdance
  • Never get mugged
  • Interfere with the Super Bowl
  • Convince your girlfriend that you don't really need to see that sappy rom-com
  • Convince that asshole at work that there are spiders all over his body
  • Get out of traffic tickets
  • Ace every job interview
  • Make other people run your errands for you
  • Have every embarassing memory, no matter how minor, expunged from all minds
  • Force two random people on the street to fight for your amusement
  • Learn every secret
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