A Mutagen is any number of items that can produce mutations. This can be an artefact of ancient magic, a chemical compound or some sort of energy rays. Sometimes these are naturally occuring elements, like cosmic rays, elemental energies, etc; often from a laboratory or alternate dimension .

Mutated BeingsEdit

  • Leonardo (was a baby turtle, now a mutant turtle)
  • Donatello (was a baby turtle, now a mutant turtle)
  • Raphael (was a baby turtle, now a mutant turtle)
  • Michelangelo (was a baby turtle, now a mutant turtle)
  • Splinter (was a rat, now a mutant rat)
  • Bebop (was a punk-rocker, now a mutant wild boar)
  • Rocksteady (was a thug, now a mutant rhinocerous)
  • Tokka (was an alligator snaping tutle, now a mutant alligator snapping turtle)
  • Rahzar (was a grey wolf, now a mutant grey wolf)
  • Daredevil (human, gains enhanced strength, speed, and spacial hearing/smelling)
  • Snakeweed (was a human, now a mutant human/plant hybrid)
  • Spider Bytez (was a human, now a mutant spider)
  • Alex Mack (Sprayed with a strange liquid, is now herself a strange liquid)
  • Dr. Tyler Rockwell (was a human, now a mutant monkey)
  • Pigeon Pete (was a pigeon, now a pigeon/human hybrid)
  • Dogpound (was a human, now a mutant dog)
  • Fifield (was a human, now a mutant Aliens)
  • Fishface (was a human, now a mutant fish)
  • Leatherhead (was an ordinary alligator, is now a mutant alligator)
  • The Rat King (was a human, now a human with mutated brain)
  • Spy-Roach (was a cockroach, now a cybernetic cockroach hybrid)
  • Justin (was created from adding mutagen to a mix of random DNA samples)
  • Mutagen Man (was a human, now a blob of guts and slime)
  • Slash (was Raph's pet turtle,now a mutant turtle)
  • Squirrelanoids (were squirrels,now mutant squirrels)
  • Newtralizer (was a newt,now a mutant newt)
  • Ice Cream Kitty(was a cat now,now a mutant ice cream cat)
  • Sir Malachi(was a sparrow,now a mutant sparrow wizard)
  • Tiger Claw(was a human,now a mutant tiger)
  • Baxter Stockman(was a human,now a mutant fly/human hybrid)
  • Kirby O' Neil(was a human,now a mutant bat) 


They have been making mutagen for a long time, and filling the water supplies with a special de-mutagen called "Fluoride" designed specifically to devolve the human species and prevent them from becomeing Awesomes, at the cost of their humanity. Anybody who comes into contact with this powerful de-mutagen should find a large natural body of water to use for drinking and bathing, because once fluride comes into contact with water it's impossible to remove except by capillary action.

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