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Natch Awesomes didn't ask for their Awesome powers or abilities, many were just born that way, (called a Natch) inherited from a cool uncle or big brother or sister, as the genes so determine. Cool grandparents have also been known to skip the Awesome gene a generation, and it seems that it may even come from the parents in many instances, but since Awesomeness usually emerges after puberty, they would not be willing to admit this until they are older and wiser because teenagers often hate their parents for no Goddamned good reason. Scienticians are still working out how this hereditary works, but not enough of them are Awesome, so it still remains a mystery.

Most Awesomes do not know they are Awesome. In fact, when they do, they will often go around telling everyone, which has a dampening effect on their Awesome abilities, and/or makes them Douchey Awesomes. Regardless, very few Natch Awesomes are born realizing their powers. Why would they? Though a select few will discover this at a young age, the majority figure it out during puberty as their powers manifest with all the other icky bodily changes. Even still there are those who go into adulthood and old age unawares of the roiling Awesomeness deep inside them, waiting for that one crucial moment, game-winning shot, quest or final battle to reach down for it.

It is possible, though unknown and unknowable, that there are Awesomes out there who live their whole lives and die without ever knowing how Awesome they are. So sad. Usually, the wizened eye of another experienced Awesome mentor can see the potential inside them.

When an Awesome discovers their Awesomess, they will have to make a moral choice to use their abilities for Good or for Evil or maybe they just do not care and kick back and don't make a difference either way.

You can usually tell the difference between a Natch Awesome and a Self-made Awesome by their origin story. If they have examples from their very early youth where they could do amazing things, like baby Clark Kent lifting a car. Though they may have moments where they doubt their Awesomess , or have a crisis of faith, they will always find the Awesomeness deep down inside themselves (see: Austin Powers). Some groups always produce naturally-ocurring Awesomes, like certain animals, alien races, gods, Vikings, and all women.

List of Natch Awesomes: