Every comic book universe has a character that is extremely overpowered and a deus ex machina. The Revengerists happen to have a lot of those characters, each a different type of ridiculousness. Nova Dude is no exception to this thing I just said.

Crime Fighting GUyEdit

Sometimes you think, "OooOOOH, I can fight crime, I'm imagining myself do it now. I have all these powers, I'm a SPECIAL BOY!" Well you aren't, numbnuts.

Nova Dude didn't originate from any kind of gay ass shit like being a Scientist or Training really hard. No. He just happened to fucking exist FOR ALL ETERNITY. Nova Dude was on earth for some reason and decided all the world's crime and Dragons should be obliterated. So he went around beating people up and killing them. Eventually he didn't see a crime anymore so he stopped.

One day Bresh came up to him and say "Hey man, do you have a dollar?" And thus Nova Dude was a Revengerist.

It is said that he still holds the honor of being a member because he scares the shit out of everyone and the only guy keeping records, Harbjar the Keeper of Records, doesn't want to be burnt to a criops/

Dailbilityies and PowersEdit

Nova Dude is has many powers. He can fly, he is super strong (enough that he was able to defeat Myster slacker by throwing a sky scraper at him,) can shoot energy beams, make the sun explode, has a passive aura that gives him +%60 extra attack power and to those in his party or raid, and can soothe gay robots.

Nova Dude also has the ability to cause a giant explosion that can defeat anyone, this makes him the most powerful cahracter. The only person that can withstand the blast are anyone that believe in themselves or are immune to energy blast attacks.

Maybe except Han Dwaving, who leanred how to survive Nova Dude blasts when Nova Dude accidentally shot him with ...A GUN!

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