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The Order of the Collective Beard (also known as The Order of the Collective Moustache) is a secret society that operates based on one universal truth, that beard (or moustache) can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply transfers.

You may have noticed that when a friend or acquaintance of yours trims or shaves their beard, another starts to grow theirs, and vice-versa. There is a code, written in ancient tomes, that protects the well-suited hirsuted from going out of style or losing fac(ial hair).

Have you ever noticed that your facial hair is growing back even as you cut it? The futility of man.


They control many geopolitical events, and work at various levels or eschelons of power around the world. They are believed to be directly instrumental in the social collapse of This Great City in Middle America.

Another important principle to consider when dealing with those with facial hair: never trust anyone with just a moustache.

Facial Hair is known to be one of those properties that makes someone more Awesome, and should therefore be cultivated and prized.