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An Owl Man has been creeping around the abandoned St Mary's Hospital near Kirkaldy in Fife, waiting to terrify urban explorers by creeping up on them.

Photographers visiting the dilapidated St Mary's Hospital near Kirkcaldy, Fife, were confronted by the Owl Man, who stalks the corridors waiting for unsuspecting visitors.

It captured one man who was left cowering in the corner of the room after he tried to close the door on the monster.

The Owlman was created by a terrifying god in the archives of ancient religion, related to the god Moloch.

Owl Man carefully set up in The St Mary’s Children’s Hospital over a period of several weeks, where he assessed how often visitors went to the hospital and what times they were most likely to appear.

Once he was confident that his unfortunate victims were most likely to appear during a certain day and time, he layed in wait.

St Mary’s Children’s Hospital was a Victorian complex used to treat infectious diseases, and at one time focused its work on scarlet fever.

"This is just the beginning of the Owlman’s terrifying career, and we will see him in a mixture of public interactions and elaborate set ups," he added.

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