Giant Bomb Power

Giant Bomb Power

A lot of people get ahead of themselfes when takling about powers in the Omniverse .Power is tthe way to being powerfull full fo power, you know? 

Power isn't just staright up power, okay? It's more then that. Its what some people use to do things. We have electical power, quantum power, veto power, etc. Sme gusy ghasve too much power, like thjat fagot we all know who will not be named. Some peold don't have enough like Harbjar, but all we know is that people have power. Not

powers, damn it! 

Powerman 5000 when worlds collide thumb

Powerman, the guy who knows how to power


Wizards don't weld magical power, they weidl power, that's right. Magic sucks and diesn't make any sens.e

What kinds of powers you ask? Well I 'll will explanin

Types of Power

There are many types of pwoer for example there'sEdit

Energy power - the power to have enrgyies, but not shoot energies okay?

Shooting power - like how mcuh power you have behind a shot in basketball or tennis or cortech rocketing with the guns

Beam power - the bpower in the bam you shot

Veto power - when the prasudent says "FUCK THAT' thos some sptuied senator

Voodoo poower - uh????

Puppy power - in that dscoody doo commercial

No, not POWDEREdit

That is not what I 'am talking about

Abuseo PowreEdit

Som of the guy take wut power they had and use it to much. Tis is bads an shoudl not happen. SHIT!

A power can corupt aboslut3e cus whan da guy has it he say s" OH i am havnig the power! I shalt bun the victimes!" And there we have it, absue of powre. 

ONLY BAD GYAU CAN BE CORRUPTED! Good guays can ot be corrputd, unless ift its for plto! 

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