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The power of Awesomes to nullify the supernatural powers of others. A sub-power of Superpower Manipulation.

Also Called[]

  • Ability Cancellation
  • De-spell
  • Dilate Powers
  • Nullify
  • Potentiprohiberis
  • Power Blocking
  • Power Cancellation
  • Power Dilation
  • Power Nullification
  • Power Suppression


The user can cancel out the powers of others. Others are unable to use their powers as long as they are under the user's affect. Most can "dampen" or just weaken powers.


  • Nullify powers
  • Weaken powers
  • The user may be surrounded by a nullification zone; those with powers have them canceled out as long as they stay within the user’s proximity.
  • Could Nullify powers just by touch.
  • Unleash a wave that nullifies any attacks.
  • Pass by any force-fields.
  • The User's presence can render a person powerless.
  • Attacks couldn't harm the user as the user can surround himself/herself around a force-field
  • Remove mental alterations of victims.


  • Barrier Negation: The user has a force-field around them in which no superpowers can work. Can be permanent or retractable.
  • Capability Suppression: also known as Faculty Negation, Faculty Diminution, Faculty Suppression,Clumsiness Inducing. The psychic ability to reduce subjects’ instrumental memory (a subject’s skill in an area). This ability could deplete, decrease, or delete abilities and their tied memories of how to ordain occasional skills, i.e. drive a car, crack/hack codes, perhaps even a subject’s knowledge of how to use and control abilities). As the ability develops, it could even be used to delete rudimentary skills, like walking and speaking, making foes extremely clumsy.
  • Intangibility Cancellation
  • Magic NegationThe power to nullify the magical powers of others
  • Physical Negation: The ability to make the victim unable to use any of their special abilities as long as the user touches them.
    • A faculty of Power Negation in which the user can still negate abilities, but they can only negate certain superhuman abilities, i.e. Danger-Sense Negation, Super-strength Negation, Perspicuity Negation. However, sometimes it is more broad nullification, only canceling out certain types of superhuman abilities, i.e. Mental Ability Negation, Physical Ability Negation.
  • Teleportation Negation



  • Affects caused are temporary.
  • May be constantly active.
  • This power tends to only affect other abilities beyond "normal" ones (i.e. the sort that only mortals are capable of putting up with).
  • May not work on Power Absorption, Power Immunity or Power Transferal.
  • Could be dangerous in situations where supernatural powers are required to resolve.