Pugs are gross little shitty shit things. They look perpetually sad because they are, and only know pain. They are only happy when the suffering of others exceeds their own. Their dark, wet, soulless little eyes hunger to consume your misery, or probably just slobber on your shoe. The name 'pug' is a portmanteau of the words 'dog' and 'pig', the two animals that were genetically spliced together to make these disgusting creatures.

Pugs are the troll dolls of the animal world. If you have a family member that you don't like coming 'round, that is how all dogs feel about pugs. Pugs are proof that all dogs do not go to heaven. Pugs are one of the only breeds of dogs that are not allowed to hang out with Nitro Dog.


Here we see the baby leader of North Korea riding his pug steed into battle, as is the custom

They are most likely evil, but luckily for us, they are also stupid, ugly and lazy. The correct adjective for all pugs, is pugly.

Badass pug
This pug doesn't give a shit, walking slowly away from an explosion.
Pug wizard

a pug transforming into a human boy, much to our horror

This pug has learned the magicka ways of a sorceror.

sometimes pugs transform into Higher Evolutionary Forms, or Animorph into a Mutant Third Evolution.

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