QuikDri was a sort of liquid/lubricant based Awesome who was at one time an early enemy of the feldging Revengerist team, but soom changed his ways and became a good anti-hero type guy and ally to them and sometimes team member. His only one really good power for his next up Higher Evolutionary Form would be to Dry himself up, probably taking any other(s) around him down with him. He went up against the Vengeance Villains and lost his life by doing this, making him the shortest lived characters in the Omniverse , except maybe like dead miscarried babies or some thing like that.

He did succeed in sowing the seeds of doubt in the Vengeance villain group with his mysterious final words, which I can't remember right now so I won't even try or I'll get it wrong I know. This rift in the group would last for decades, even after the split between Ze Black Waffle and Orville Redenbacher, both of whom became the mortal arch-enemy nemesis of each other one.

QuikDri's legacy will always be the series of collectacle cards and tapes he left behind at the Revengerist Compound. They would eventually name a home laundry product after him which was marketed by their robot, Bob Sequious!, whom they got years later and never even met QuikDri so I don't even know why I bothered mentioning him, let alone linking him.

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