The thing that rids is the thing of old

His words are poems, his tale untold

Tied to Tasty, dark aura to chi

An oath was sworn on blood of D

Summoned with rage that fiery spark

To turn once hope to wretched dark

Beaten forever and entwined

Beating hatred still enshrined

To keep at bay He must forget

Or at least to dwell He must not let

Instead o' the char of curse on bones

Only now distraction known

Taste and taste, consume and swill,

Sweet and salt and bitter still

For at the day of snackhood's end

Come The Raicher Demon to break and rend!

  • There are many different translations from ancient scrolls about this creature, and very little is known because like all poetry it makes no goddamned sense. Der Kirche has done his best to update the arcane text into English, but he is not very good at either. Dr Tasty refuses to comment, or at least, stop eating long enough to comment.
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