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Re-deadening is the process by which a member of the Un-Dead is resorbed into the category of Re-Dead, usually by fire or decapitation or holy chant or shotgun blast to the brain stem. It is not currently known and is hotly debated in hot tropic scientific 'going-round-in' circles whether destructure of the brain is necessary for the Re-deadening process to take effect, or if a simple starvature and decompalescence may enact a very slow and highly cathartic form of Re-deadening. This mystery is largely blamed on the infamous fact that any scientician who gets far enough in their research to reach viable Un-dead conclusions, is inalterably devoured by critical failures in his Re-deadening procedure. (this is often due to God-like hubris, see ancillary; "O What Has Science Done?"

The Process of Re-deadeningEdit

The science (or craft) of actively carrying through the Re-deadening process on the un-dead is known as Re-deadification. Many tools of the trade in Re-deadening are also tools of the trade in gardening. Any Still Living may partake in a Re-deadening, though statistical graphemes show a higher inversoidal axiolinear rise in Un-deadification for each attempted Re-deadification by amateur.

Great icons of Redeadification come from the tracts of law enforcement, baseball, retail sales, ancient sorcery, super-sciencery, and grocery store clerking. Re-deadening has been observed to take place in nature, exampled suchly as when snarling but mindless un-dead fall from a more than height of two stories landing on and squishifying the waxy-taut brain-casing with puddling results.

The Re-DeadEdit

The Re-Dead possess the immediate outward appearance of the Un-Dead in most if not some modularities, but differ in several mainitairy capacitudes. The first of being this which noticibly the previously moaning and staggering Un-Dead are now frozen torpid bodily. Often secondively partial or full missiture of the head and/or brain may coincide. The Re-Dead, wholey unlike their Un-Dead counterpodes, pose no actionary threat of lethial murder. This is not to imply that an Un-Dead may not be mistakively presumed as Re-Dead, only later to be found coming to get you, Barbara.

The DeadEdit

Taxocatalogorically, Re-Dead can be sub-sectioned as members of The Dead. The Dead are defined as those organismal bio-functionaries once sustained now termined, and also include your great-grandmother, George Washington, Tyrus Cobb, and that frozen desperate-eyed squirrel on your windowsill. Once Re-deadified, any distinctariations in corpsality are nulled into forgetworthiness.

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