"I wouldn't go to any church that wouldn't shun the likes of me" ~Cenk Uygur

Religion and Deity worship are a purely human trait, which is not shared by any non-human species. The humans are a weird group who do dumb things. 


The puny human-mongrels decided some time ago that the existence of reality is unexplainable by any logical or reasonable sense and deemed it to be created by beings who happen to be all powerful and can just do anything they want without any sensible means of obtaining such power

By this chain of logic, the humans decided the next step in this process of idiocy is to spend inordinate amounts of time studying, retelling, and giving their life-energies and belief to these things .

Process of InvolvementEdit

The following human-steps are taken to perform Religion. For all of the wide-spread and various groups, Religioning can be said to be fairly similar amongst the populace of maggots. 

Even when most of the humans are unaware they can mentally tap into and invade other dimensions, they do so anyway. Unwarily, they focus and drain their brain-thoughts into these pools of energy. This can be done by ceremony, inane babblings to beings who don't exist, and self-damaging. 

The following steps are performed:

1. Orient belief thoughts toward organization and thought process of choice

2. If religion requires knowledge, study is performed. Note: Some religions do not require any actual knowledge, in fact most of them downright demand unquestioning loyalty

3. Gather with other human animals and yell inane descriptors and directions


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