This place was constructed in the early 1990's in the eastern fringes of Europe as a means to manufacture mass amounts of robots for villain Robot Ghoulman 's schemes. After an operating system malfunction (Robot Ghoulman's henchmen installed apple software on the mainframe and the mainframe is not supposed to turn off during certain processes but the apple software insisted on restarting the computer) the robot AI software was installed in a malicious sequence and the robots no longer followed Robot Ghoulman's commands. The city now stands as a commercial sector for civilians as they live out their meek lives of boring work. The robots provide small amounts of entertainment and occasional rebelious behavior that usually results in the destruction of all organic material within a 30 miles radius of the city. Fortunately the people are USUALLY extracted from the blast zone before it happens, sometimes they're not so lucky.


The City's industrial sector produces 10,000 killer robots per month that serve various purposes including: dancing, serving drinks, getting blown up by super heroes, and killing the city's inhabitants once a year. The robots sometimes pool their collective knowledge together and create vast works of art and cinematography. One of their most famous works was the film: The Polar Express. The fact that people still refer to it as taking a journey through the uncanny valley is a testament to how uncannily good the robots are at making films people can relate to.


543,033,304 tons of steel was used to construct the fortress city and it uses another 6 billion tons daily for constructing robots. The fortress spans 15 square miles and it's tallest structure reaches that of half the empire state building. Only about 1 quarter of the entire city is actually inhabitable as the rest is densely packed with industrial robot construction buildings and killer robots.

Despite all of this the city can still support a population of 2 million people. Approximately 10 million people total live in the city during a year as most of them die due to the annual Robot Rebellions.

The robots have attempted to remake the classic film "The Wizard" 3,000 times with no success due to the movie's irreplaceable cast.

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