Robyn Hode, the earl of Huntington, was ae prude outlaw whyles he walked on the grounde so curtyuss an outlawe as he was one wearn't nevere founde. He loved women so, wolde he never do compani harme that any woman was in; and loked to do no husbondesman harme, that tilleth the soil with a ploughe. Nay no knyght and no squyer that wol be a Goode Fellaw, a Knight of the Temple or under the Order of Camealot.

Robyn stoode tall and stronge, and bi hym stode Litell Johnn, gode Scarlock, and Midge the miller's son, and Wyllym clad in scarlet red fine and gay, and the lovelorn Allen-of-Dale, and a man of thee clothes namde Tuck. these were hys band of mary men. Together they robed frome the rychr and gaveth of charity deevine, hym sameself taking a vowe to be povertous.

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