The blue Roller


Roller-man JC "Jackie Chan" Martin


The Super Roller Squad

Rollerman (civilian alter ego Jean-Yves Blondeau) is a self-styled french hero sporting custom-designed Roller Suit, aka Wheel Suit, aka Buggy-Rollin. This suit places up to 32 roller-blade-style wheels on most of the major joints, the torso, and the back allowing the wearer to reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour. After 9 months of planning and testing, the first generation of roller suit was ready to go, since 1995 there have been 6 major suit designs and redesigns to improve safety, mobility, speed, and balance. They include variations from the most basic kneepad with rollers to the most sophisticated one called "Super Rollin Bionic Woman" (SURBO).

For a breif period Jean-Yves was retconned as JC "Jackie Chan" Martin, a sort of Kung-Fu Indiana Jones. Chan wore a similar custom roller suit, but also incorporated the use of Kung Fu in this quest to find 12 lost ancient bronze animal heads representing the 12 stages of the Chinese zodiac. As requested by his employer the MP Corporation, who secretly needed them to perform bizarre occult rituals unbeknownst to JC.

After this Jean-Yves returned as a cyborg in new gleaming silver suit, with enhanced weapon systems, and a team of other Awesomes operating the same or similar equipment. it is unknown if these are androids of his own design, or other cyborgs with the same modifications. Each suit has it's own individual Power Jewel that granted them their powers. If each activated their stone they could merge together to form Super-Robo-Buggy-Rollin-o-Tron. With the ability to travel into space and stuff, which made the wheels totally pointless because what the hell are you gonna roll on while flying through space? I mean seriously. Are you gonna do an ollie of the space station and grind saturns rings? c'mon.

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