Ronald Reagan signs the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

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Ronald Reagan defeats the USSR.

Ronaldo "Beans" Reagan was the 18th president for life. Amongst his mamny historic reforms in his historic presidency:

  1. extended the vote to geckos
  2. disarmed panthers
  3. made jellybeans the law
  4. invented star wars (suck it lucas)
  5. exported the industrial revolution to china.
  6. Sold weapons to the Contras to defeat the evil Red Falcon Organization
  7. Declared a War on Drugs, and won; which is why nobody ever does drugs anymore.
  8. If that first move wasn't enough, he single-handledly dismanted the Soviet Union while blasting "Born in the USA " on an over-size chrome "BoomBox" slung over his muscular shoulder.


Ronald Reagan was notoriously impervious to bullets, the Russian wussies claimed this was "unfair" before taking their bears and going home, while crying like babies. He also had a form of telepathy that enabled him to guess the number of jelly beans in any jar. His super-suit enhanced these powers, and granted many others depending on which accessories were necessary for the mission, anything from lazor beams to spead guns, jet packs to dog leashes.

This brought great joy to his followers, espexially Alex P. Keaton and his followers the Keatonites. 

Ronald reagan the liberator by sharpwriter-d7lmkqs
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