Sick fuck

 did she run for nonexistent cover…did she stick around to raise the glowing thing…did she go mad with the knowing…did she fucking die? no seriously i can’t rememberanything after the red eyed devil spawn is a bluris that itwas there more watching the new one nowthe miniseries and while i don’t really hate it i don’t get it eitherwho even is it for? the dialogue and exposition is…a problemand some of the acting choices? i really wish saldana would quit giggling for no goddamn reason french minnie (margot? margaux?) thoshe’s pretty greatcan it just be about her? can i just come hang at her house for non devil baby reasons  we could go shoppingchop up black chickenswhatever her husband’s earring however is unacceptable what kind of self-respecting satanist would wear such a thing? you are much too old for that, sir. rosemary’s husband goes by the name of guyguys are evildon’t trust guys because guys will sell out their adoring giggly wives to a devil-humping cult for a fucking cheeseburger apparently. really what the fuck guy?!  "i wanna provide for my family and wear pants, like a real big man and give my wife the life she deserves… … …sell said wife for devil rape? yes, that’s it! this is a sound plan.” i fucking hate guy alsoguy is not a real name. oh, and bonuswe have another fucking writer who can’t write fucking plot device all this talk of blocks and muses makes my head ache a retread of a retread for fucks sake (for the sake of fucks) that is so goddamn lazywhy does this hackneyed shit keep cropping uparen’t these things usually written by writers? lazy fucks besides, writer’s block is no reason to pimp out your significant other to lucifer. i’m not sure what a valid reason might be, but it’s certainly not thati’m just saying, there must be other ways the gore and creepy shit is pretty well done tho, seems network tv is getting down w/ the ultra violence these days that surgery bit was scary as hell—— ew, wait why is devil dude so hot?is that supposed to make this situation more palatablecuz it is not working this is an unpalatable situation regardless of satan guy’s (not to be confused w/ regular guy, who is also awful and that’s still not a real name) appearance. dreamy blue eyes does not make this a-ok really show wtf?  omfgbbq  i just remembered the sniffinggross! minnie/margot/margaux wtf to you too somebody calls me ripethey’re getting punched in the face 

(maybe i do hate this thing after all…)

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