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Egyptian "Hulk" Claims God Gave Him Strength of 30,000 Men, 260 Horsepower-0

This is the "Incredible Hulk" or the Samson of our times. He got married 28 times and has fathered 35 sons and daughters. The eldest, Sameh, is 24 years old, while the youngest, Sayyed, is only three. Medical tests have proven that his strength equals 260 horsepower. He can bend a metal coin with his eye socket or his tongue. Then he breaks it in two with his bare hands. Sayyed Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah is a gifted man.

Allah has bestowed upon him great power, but he uses it only to do good. This is a man on whom Allah has bestowed the strength of 30,000 men, or 260 horsepower. Allah has also blessed him with a faithful and humble heart, as well as good values and self-restraint.

His name was Sayed Abdullah, he said that he has been married for 28 times, and he has 35 children, and he also claimed that he can do the sex 15 times in a day and he do that each day.. just imagine how can he do that?? 15 times each day??

In His Video Demo, he can bent the coin with his eyes and then cut the coin with his hand.. he said now he has 4 wifes, and he do sex 15 times a day.

Sayed Abdullah also said that his power was a gift from god, and according to medical report his power was equal with 250 horse power, or it was equal with the power of 30.000 healthy people..