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There aws a revengetes story along imea ago when where thea guys wrote a astory serioes about a war on the lympocisj... i meant olypmics

THis is MULTIPART, so fbe awayre .



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it all sarted in back in the day when there were lots of cool revengerists of the silver age./ The 1972 Lympoics were happening and it was a time for athelstes across the globe to sport their psorts. However! ther was a secret olympics that was happened and the background!!!!!! It was part of a war between some shadow governemnts and some villains and some revengerists herose. This is the rescolection of how that was happened.

During the sumer olympic, the revenegists were watching the lympics and it turns out that Secret Santa was good at diving. He doved a good dove and got the points. Everyone was happy, until:

Sudden explosion and some person was dead. Uh oh. Some actionw ould take place. Some time after that. I don'w know.