Many people who may not have been born Awesome were in fact everday people FUCKIN NORMS, nevertheless make it after years of hard rock. Whether pure good like Rocky Balboa, or thorougly evil like Lex Luthor, or some of both and alcaholic like Tony Stark, every day heroes of science and imagineering result in amazing AWESOME results. Some Trueists decide that there are no Self-Made Awesomes at all, but insted that they must have probably been Awesome deep down inside all along, or else they are Tame Ass Karate. Heroes and villains of business, music, sports, entertainment, and Al Borland seem to contradict this. Irregardless a selfmade awesome will always have to prove themselves beyond any doubt at a certain point because their foes are almost always going to be a outmatched NATCH Awesome (Dr. Doom v. Mr. Fantasitc, Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago, Lex Luthor vs. Superman, Biggie vs. Tupac, Adolf Hitler v. Winston Churchill, Sylar v. Anyone Else on Fucking Heroes).

Shutup : Batman. End of Discussion.

You can usually tell the difference between a Self-made Awesome and a Natch Awesome by their origin story. If they had a moment of trauma where they decided to change their lives with intense training under a Mentor, or billions dollars spent on weaponry and technology or . Another way to tell would be to take an Unwary person and put them in adverse conditions; a Natch Awesome like Tarzan will find the power deep down inside themselves to survive, where as any Norm (including ones who would have gone on to be Self-Made Awesomes) will assuredly die.

Self-made Awesomes do not have to train, they can also take the cheap way with an artifact of power of some kind, like a magical amulet, crystal harnessing dimensions of power, alien costume, genetic accelerant, or shoes. However, awesome artifacts can backfire on non-Awesome users, the obvious example being Wile E. Coyote's use of ACME products against Natch Awesome the Roadrunner.

List of Self-Made Awesomes:

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