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Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk, Starchild's arch-nemesis, is too cool to dance or swim, and so he's driven to stop The FUNK. He wishes to spread the Placebo Syndrome throughout the universe, which causes people to stop thinking and stop dancing. In extreme cases the Placebo Syndrome puts the mind to sleep, placing sufferers in the Zone of Zero Funkativity.

Starchild easily defeats Sir Nose, by using the Flash Light on the Bop Gun he is able to make Sir Nose dance. Once Sir Nose is exposed to the full power of The FUNK he goes crazy and dances the night away.

After that stunning defeat Sir Nose teamed up with Rumpofsteelskin to attack Atlantis (where you can swim underwater and not get wet) in the Motor Booty Afair. Here we discover Sir Nose is also too cool to swim. Mr Wiggles and the denizens of Atlantis easily defeat Sir Nose by making him dance the Aqua Boogie.

Like all good villains, Sir Nose doesn't know when he's met his match; but after constant beatings from the agents of Dr Funkenstein begins a quest for knowledge. He traces his ancestors (Cro-Nasal Sapiens) back to the pyramids and finally discovers the truth about the Big Bang Theory: The FUNK set the whole universe in motion. After this he understands his own funky heritage, and he and his offspring promise to by funky forevermore.