"Most hobos stay in the alleyways and under bridges, not Joe. No, he chose to squat in a skyscraper and got fucking SUPERPOWERS because of it. No idea. Nope. Nope...hahahahahahaha" - Skyscraper Joe on a mushroom trip

Most hobos DO stay in the alleyways and underneath bridges, but not Joe. No, he chose to live in City City where the business people were. Somehow he ended up with superpowers, which are really fucking vague. What is the power of a skyscraper? It's not like they're displayed, he mostly flails his arms around when he gets upset.

Flayed BedanglesEdit

That's what he calls his imaginary pet dog. What guy doesn't have a pet imaginary dog? Not this guy. He's full of stuff!

Titty DittiesEdit

One day when ol' Joe was hiding in the service area on the 66'th floor of the scraper on 6th and Nut st, he found a mystical artefact and fucking touched it. He got the power of skyscraper and knew he could do anything he wanted. The first thing he did was piss himself when he thought of that nice lookin girl he saw the other day, what with her fancy hat and low cut blouse. The stink aroused the wrath of Dr Tasty who could smell it and complained endlessly about it so Breshyboy went and confronted the evil-doer. This was the first of many confrontations. Boy was that woman a looker I tells ya.

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