Full Name



No information


crack pipe, maybe?


Tempter/Drug [Pusher]

Powers / Skills

Drugs, Rocking a Suit with Big Shoulder Pads


Ruining the Lives of Children


Get Everyone Hooked on Hard Drugs Like [Marijuana]

Type of Villain

Evil Spirit

Smoke is an evil influence who hangs around with Michael, a teenager who got involved in the use of drugs back in 1988. Smoke acts like he cares for those whom he gets to do drugs, but ends up caring mostly for himself whenever his victims end up in some sort of trouble, legal or health-wise.

Through Smoke's influence on his life, Michael steals money from his sister Corey's piggy bank in order to get money for buying crack that was being distributed at the local video arcade. However, during the course of the story, he meets various cartoon characters, including the Smurfs, who try to convince him that doing drugs is wrong and can affect his health, all the while Smoke tries to convince Michael that doing drugs is the right thing to do. Michael isn't convinced by what the cartoon characters are telling him until he sees that Smoke is now going after Corey to get her to do the same drugs, and afterwards renounces having anything to do with Smoke or the use of drugs. 

However Smoke is intent on making Michael into a drug-addicted wash-out and malcontent, he may well be an evil ghost or demon or even an embodiment of drug abuse itself (he is definitely not human and seems to be obsessed with spreading evil, further suggesting a demonic origin).

Smoke is eventually defeated (by Michael refusing to listen to him any longer and throwing him into a garbage truck) but vows to return someday, whether or not he will is unknown.

Cartoon All Stars To the Rescue part 3 3

Cartoon All Stars To the Rescue part 3 3

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