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More than man, more than machine, he's Solar Pecsis, the hunkiest piece of villain to walk this side of the universe

More Man than Man []

In his life as a citizen of a planet similar to Earth, he was the friendliest and best bro a guy could have. He was also an aristocrat orince in the local kingdom, where the guardian of the planet, the Solar Hero is also the ruler of the kingdom. Before his due time to be bestowed the power, he underwent trials to prove his worthiness and become a hero. However, he asked his bro to "hook a brother up" and ended up getting the Solar Jewel way before he should have had it.

He used his power for womanizing and getting pumped, so the planet soon fell prey to its enemies. During this war, he blew up most of the creatures, but was demonished by his friends, the citizens, and his family even though he "totally saved everyone guys." He was banished from his home until he proved himself a hero, which he never did. 


In his quest for pussy, he came to earth because they have so many fuckin hot babes, man. That's when he made his first mistake: he tried to get laid with one of Nitro Dog's friends. You do NOT cross that dog, man. Anyway, he immediately tried to hurt Nitro Dog, which stirred the wrath of EVERY FUCKING AWESOME ON EARTH and was deemed an arch-villain. 

He was offended so he stayed to get layed and also paid, because everyone should be afraid of what he made fade with his infinite uh, shade? No that's not right. Anyway, he stayed to fight. 

Solar Pecsis[]

He is known as Solar Pecsis, the buffest of villains. When he is ready to become this persona, he flexes his pump in sunlight and says "BRO ME!" and it's kind of like He-Man if he-man was an obnoxious twit. So... just like He-Man.

All of his power comes from the Solar Jewel embedded in his chest. It grants him incredible power and an even bigger pump. The jewel is indestructible, but it's visible and accessible on his solarplexis, so anyone who punches or kicks it causes it to short out and make him revert back to his bro form.