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a mythical creature of Spain

Spain (Spanish: España, [esˈpaɲa] ( listen)), aka the Kingdom of Spain (Spanish: Reino de España), is a country in Southwestern Europe between the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean, situated on the Iberian Peninsula, and all of those words are so cool you don't know what to do with yourself. Spain or España is a nexus of all realities specifically awesome ones. It is known as one of the coolest places to be located, such as being in Space or near James Dean.

The Spanish once reigned with a bloody Empire crushing the lives of any who had the misfortune of crossing their path: indigenous peoples, rival Empires, pirates, and their own subjects. The genocidal maniac Christopher Columbus emigrated to this land and sought the seal of approval from Kings and Queens the Throne of Torture in order to receive funding and terrorist branding to slake his bloodthirst upon 'lesser beings' of the Americas. The Throne of Torture was fueled by the tortured pains and screams of broken souls during a violent inquisition at home and abroad. When the age of empires came to an end (thanks to the plucky fight of rebels and pirates alike), the practice of torture would be frowned upon until Dick Cheney repopularized it worldwide many years later. The royal chair was dismantled, and fascists had to be defeated, finally resulting in a glorious jewel emerging from a fiery husk of afterbirth.

To this day, the manly men and women of Spain erotically conquer the forces of nature; from the land that must yield its fruits, to the mighty bulls that are outrun and wrestled into submission. Fighting with swords in duels of honor is still encouraged, though the far lesser French school has seen more favor in recent centuries.

Having conquered and oppressed much of the world for much of time, Spanish traditions and accents can be found in many parts of the world from Manila to Boyle Heights. Catholic traditions are nearly as common, though let's be honest, most have lapsed.